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2023 convoys to calais will run on

24 - 26 March

19 - 21 May

7-9 July

15- 17 September

24 - 26 November

why volunteer for one of our convoys?

For years now life for refugees in Calais has been utterly miserable & sometimes even deadly.


Forced to live in shocking conditions, without safe passage to the UK, refugees have no option but to exist outdoors, awaiting their chance to escape. They set up tents in woods or sleep on bare ground in freezing & unsanitary conditions. No toilets, no drinking or running water. Torn tents & fabric screens pitched in woodland, are routinely destroyed by the French police, who also confiscate phones, clothes & their possessions & take them to landfill.


The lifesaving work our NGO charity partners do on the ground is irreplaceable. Without their daily distributions of food, replacement tents, warm clothes, hygiene products & sleeping bags – refugees would starve, homeless, with no shelter from the elements. Even so, many cannot cope with the aggression, intimidation and struggle of daily existence – some leave, some wait it out, some even commit suicide – all because safe routes to the UK are not made available to them.

Our charity partners in Calais urgently need more volunteers,… which is where you come in!


Calais Light gives ‘ordinary people’ a chance to do something practical & concrete to help displaced people stay alive & offer them vital aid & comfort, while politicians debate, plan their removal or ignore the terrible human repercussions of the global refugee crisis.

why volunteer with us?

Volunteering is easy with us. We need drivers & passengers ready to volunteer. 


We book it all​​ 


£93 = travel, fuel,  accom., bfast, lunches at Care4Calais & small donation to CL

one weekend

It's compatible with work


No Car? Don't speak french? SIGN UP

when & where

The convoy departs from Shenfield Station small Car Park in Brentwood, Essex on Friday at 10am sharp. You can reach Shenfield easily, only a 23 min train from London Liverpool St. Please allow enough time for any travel disruptions and ensure you're set to arrive at the meet-up point with plenty of time to spare as we cannot wait for late-comers as we have pre-paid ferries to catch. 

If you live far away, you might need to stay locally or in London the night before to ensure you arrive on time. We help with parking cars that aren't travelling. 

And we will arrive back in the UK on Sunday evening in time for work on Monday.


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