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Why support Calais Light?

In an uncertain political climate, this is a crucial time for all of us to help refugees however we can from convoys to Calais to establishing befriending hubs in the UK.

Calais Light runs on the commitment, passion and drive of volunteers and as we grow we need more funding to continue. Find out more about how your donations help.

Support us or Donate


Calais Light takes volunteers to Calais; but we also need money to run this. We respond to appeals for migrant supplies, tents etc. and purchase supplies on the ground in Calais. We also support refugees in the UK with clothing, household and schooling goods as the meagre £47.39 benefit does not stretch very far.

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Be a fixer

We need people to fix stuff: IT, design questions, software issues, Internet issues, good Copy writers, Admin, finance and just stuff. 

Be a convoy driver

We need experienced continental drivers for our convoys

Book a Calais Light

Ambassador talk

Schools/ Unions/ Churches/Companies/ Lifestyle groups

Be a fundraiser

Churches/School/ Companies/ Lifestyle groups

Be a Calais Light Trustee

Help our successful and impactful charity keep running! 

Be a Corporate Volunteer

Build a Corporate team to come on a convoy or donate products to #CourtCommerce

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