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Calais Light takes volunteers to Calais; but we also need money to run this. We respond to appeals for migrant supplies, tents etc. and buy food on the spot for the Refugee Community Kitchen.  And if we can, we help people on low budgets who would like to volunteer with us. 



CalaisLight volunteers


Being a great volunteer is the best way to support us and the 3 charities. The price you pay is the real cost - we don't charge! You will stay in a bright, modern, youth hostel with a tasty breakfast both mornings. A delicious and nutritious vegetarian lunch is provided at RCK & Care4Calais. For dinner, please put aside 10-15 euros per night.


You will be in a fun group with like-minded people of all ages from 18+! It's a great way to meet new people and do something worthwhile with your time.

Be a driver 

Be a driver

Drivers are the backbone of this whole operation, as we couldn't get the volunteers to Calais otherwise! We ask if possible those who have a car to be the designated drivers for the trip (petrol money provided), although it is up to you and all depends on the number of volunteers going and how many drivers are already committed. 

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Check with your HR or Boss. Most companies will allow you to take a day to volunteer without it eating into your annual leave.


You never know, you might not have to take this out of your holiday allowance. Remember to ask your colleagues to come with you!