what we do A typical day

8am: Free Breakfast in the Youth Hostel (consisting of cereal, cake, bread, tea, coffee, fresh juice, and yes – crepes!)
9am: Leave hostel as a convoy and get ready to travel to the Care4Calais/RCK site.
9:30am: Morning briefing consisting of a warm-up and an overview of current refugee situation.
9:45am: Time to work! Either sorting clothes, supplies & donations in the warehouse or chopping and cooking in the kitchen (If at Refugee Community Kitchen).
12:15pm: Lunch is served! A yummy vegetarian meal such as curry with rice and bread.

1:40pm: Afternoon briefing for distribution.
2pm: Either continue with morning activities or leave for distribution at various sites around Calais.
c. 6pm: Return to hostel to freshen up and relax before dinner – maybe even have a stroll on the beautiful Calais beach which is a 3 min walk from the hostel!
8pm: All meet for dinner and drinks at a restaurant in the centre of Calais (only a 10 min walk from the hostel).

Calais Light volunteer warhouse
Calais Light volunteers kitchen
Calais Lighy voluneers beach
Who we work with

Calais Appeal is a fundraising platform for 7 grassroots organizations helping displaced people in Calais. They provide services ranging from tent distribution to food, specialist women's services to firewood & children's play projects.


Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais is supported by Help Refugees. The work they do across Europe is amazing. Delicious hot meals are prepared and distributed every day to refugees in Calais and Dunkirk and life-saving supplies such as warm clothing and tents are also given to refugees.


Their motto is, "Feeding people Without Judgement"

RCK has produced & distributed up to 1500 hot vegetarian and culturally relevant refugee meals a day!

Care4Calais provide refugees in Calais, Brussels & Paris with vital supplies such as Hoodies, Sleeping Bags & Power Banks to name a few. Through personal interaction with the refugees, you are able to offer conversation and solidarity.


To hear their stories, changes your idea of what a refugee is.

You realise that they find the same things funny as you do, that they really miss their families and that in another time, you could be them.


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