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Do something worthwhile with your weekend

Our mission

We want to have as many people going to volunteer in Calais as possible. In order to achieve that, we have created a process that makes it so easy there are no excuses! 

Are you ready to volunteer?

What we do

We organise weekend-only convoys from Brentwood, Essex to Calais, France so that you can help the charities supporting refugees. We bring like-minded individuals together and give people the confidence to go on their own or take family and friends in the future.

Why help is needed

The situation in Calais has become increasingly worse for the refugees stranded there. Their tents and personal possessions are routinely destroyed by the police so they are currently living rough and in the wild with no cover.

Who we work with

Refugee Community Kitchen provides delicious hot meals and distributes them in Calais and Dunkirk daily; and Care4Calais distribute clothing, tents and blankets AND offer vital services such as WIFI, phone charging, and hair cutting facilities.

Our golden rule

We ALL need to take the same ferry. This means we ALL meet in the Brentwood Cathedral car park, hop into the right car and drive to the ferry.