SelF-Organised Convoys

Calais Light is one huge welcoming family. We come from different walks of life, but how quickly we all bond. We share one thing in common - a love of humanity, particularly refugees.

Calais Lighters start out as a bunch of strangers, but quickly become fast friends who enjoy working together & sharing that common sense of humanity. With Covid-19 restrictions we face a big challenge in keeping our family together. It is something we desperately don’t want to lose. We share a vibe that we all enjoy.

UPDATE: November 2020

Due to the ongoing issues with covid-19, we have had to cancel our self-organised convoys. 

when the situation finally improves, we will revisit this!

Self-organising the Calais Light convoys.

For a detailed guide in the organising process, go to our website page:


Update November 2020 - please check the latest news from travel companies, the youth hostel and government websites for the latest rules and regulations. 


Ferries are operating with reduced crossings each day. Measures are in place on board to assist with social distancing and to reduce risk of COVID-19 spreading.

Eurotunnel runs frequently with a lower chance of the spread of COVID-19 as people stay in their cars. Prices are increasing, especially with the summer holidays just around the corner.



The youth hostel is open to guests.

“We offer a special rate for volunteers of 23.20€ the first night, then 19.70€ per person per night, in shared (twin, triple or quad) rooms. A visitor’s tax of 0.70€ per person per night is included as well as a 0.50€ adhesion to our association on the first night.”

Airbnb are still operating & Calais campsites in Calais.


Travel Regulations.

There is no longer a need to self-isolate for 14 days on your return to England from France. However, be aware that at the time of writing, the French government has yet to confirm that it has lifted its guideline for UK visitors to voluntarily isolate in France. If you arrive by Eurotunnel, you will need to fill out and keep with you a statement that you do not have any symptoms.

Many Thanks, Stay Safe and Bon Voyage!


Mary Stretch and Terry Portch (Trustees).

We’re looking to recruit a volunteer to be our admin person. You’ll need experience and/or expertise in using the Google Office suite and managing/updating websites. You’ll be responsible for organising our future convoys. Please email