SelF-Organised Convoys

Calais Light is one huge welcoming family. We come from different walks of life, but how quickly we all bond. We share one thing in common - a love of humanity, particularly refugees.

Calais Lighters start out as a bunch of strangers, but quickly become fast friends who enjoy working together & sharing that common sense of humanity. With Covid-19 restrictions we face a big challenge in keeping our family together. It is something we desperately don’t want to lose.

Self-organising the Calais Light convoys.

Now travel restrictions are beginning to ease between the UK & France it is possible for you to create your own convoy to Calais, volunteer alone or with a few friends or family members. For more information on how to build your own convoy then click here.


Please familiarise yourself with travel restrictions on the website for entry requirements for both the UK and France as conditions are changing on a regular basis.

France Entry Requirements here


France Entry Requirements Table.PNG

Update 30th Nov 21 - please check the latest news from travel companies, the youth hostel and government websites for the latest rules and regulations. 


Ferry crossings are back to up to 23 sailings per day. There are still measures are in place on board to assist with social distancing and to reduce risk of COVID-19 spreading.

Eurotunnel runs frequently with a lower chance of the spread of COVID-19 as people stay in their cars. 



The youth hostel is open to guests.

“We offer a special rate for volunteers of 23.20€ the first night, then 19.70€ per person per night, in shared (twin, triple or quad) rooms. A visitor’s tax of 0.70€ per person per night is included as well as a 0.50€ adhesion to our association on the first night.”

Airbnb are still operating as well as campsites in Calais. There are various Facebook groups you can join to see if local people have spare rooms for volunteers or other volunteers willing to buddy up for an Airbnb. 


Travel Regulations.

Please see helpful table below outlining restrictions for France depending on Covid-19 vaccination status: 

Arriving into the UK from France after 4am 30th nov 21


Fully Vaccinated passengers


From 4am Tuesday 30th November, if you are arriving into England from France and you are fully vaccinated in the UK, USA or Europe, you will not need to quarantine on arrival or take a day 8 test. However, you must:


  • Complete a passenger locator form.

  • You must still book and take a day 2 Covid-19 test - this must be a PCR. 

Unvaccinated / Not Fully Vaccinated passengers arriving into the UK from France must follow the below entry requirements:


  • Book tests for Day 2 and Day 8.

  • Complete a passenger locator form.

  • Make plans to self-quarantine in private accommodation for 10 full days after arrival (or full duration of stay if less than 10 days).


These are mandatory requirements to travel - including the passenger locator forms. Failure to comply with the above measures is a criminal offence and you could be fined. Boarding can be refused by the carrier if the above conditions are not met.

Calais Light are always looking for volunteers to help with Administration, Social Media, Fundraising etc. For the Admin role in particular, you'll need experience in using the Microsoft Office Suite and managing/updating websites. You'll also be responsible for organising our future convoys (when possible). Please email if you are interested or would like some more information.