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We run regular weekend group convoys from Brentwood, Essex to Calais in France to help refugees. We support 3 charities:



and Do something worthwhile with your weekend

We take manpower & money, not physical donations. So if you can't come, please fundraise for us or donate. 

Calais Light's New Initiative 

What is #CourtCommerce?

#CourtCommerce is the new initiative by Calais Light whereby we collaborate with aspirational/edgy/high-quality fashion brands & we ask them to supply brand new, age-appropriate clothing & shoes in specific sizes to refugees in the UK. We have partnered with Care4Calais & Refugee Action Kingston who support 4,000+ asylum seekers in the UK to distribute the brand new clothes. 



#CourtCommerce is all about changing the narrative around refugees. All refugees have suffered unimaginable loss, travelled thousands of miles to escape war zones, persecution and famine. They have had to leave behind family, loved ones, luggage and most of their possessions. Most refugees only arrive with the clothes they stand up in. 

Everyone loves new clothes, we all want to look presentable - no matter who we are. This is no different for refugees who want to slot into society and begin a new life, this becomes a nearly impossible task when paired with lack of confidence from not being able to present yourself in the way you would like. New clothes would work wonders for refugees' mental health and their integration into society. Although second hand clothes are great, often these donations can be the wrong size, ill-fitting, dirty or just pretty dated for the 20-somethings who receive them. Calais Light aims that #CourtCommerce will change the way many British people perceive refugees, to introduce a new, more human narrative - one of personal dignity, choice and normalcy. 

Click here to find out more

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No Convoys at present due
to Covid-19. 

Please check back when the pandemic eases

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We want to help as many volunteers get to Calais in the easiest way possible.

That's why we're called Calais Light.

And going at the weekend makes it fit with work.

Ever wanted to help refugees in Calais

but not known where to start?

Join one of our weekend convoys on your own or with a friend, and see how easy it is to make a difference. 

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sign up

Email calaislight@yahoo.com to express your interest. 

working with...

Choose Love is a grassroots charity, with various projects based in Calais through to Syria. For the last few years, they have run a huge warehouse where volunteers have sorted clothes, tents and toiletries supplies for mass distribution to refugees in Northern France. Find out about their NEW GRANT-BASED model. 


Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais is supported by Help Refugees. The work they do across Europe is amazing. Delicious hot meals are prepared and distributed every day to refugees in Calais and Dunkirk as well as life-saving supplies such as warm clothing and tents.


Care4Calais provide refugees in Calais, Brussels & Paris with vital items such as hoodies, sleeping bags & power banks to name a few. EVERY volunteer gets the chance to go out to the informal settlements where refugees are sleeping rough - to meet them, speak to them personally, hear their stories, and to offer solidarity, humanity & conversation. It's incredibly inspiring.


Click the logos below to visit their websites for more information.